Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna
Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna

Chennai – :  In the realm of Indian cinema, where creativity knows no bounds, the anticipation for Allu Arjun’s upcoming film, ‘Pushpa – The Rule,’ is reaching a fever pitch. Following the release of its predecessor, ‘Pushpa – The Rise,’ in 2021, fans have been eagerly awaiting the second installment of this riveting saga. On Allu Arjun’s birthday, the 8th of April 2023, a three-minute teaser of ‘Pushpa – The Rule’ was unveiled, instantly igniting the curiosity of the audience.

Apart from Ranveer Singh, many other big stars can be seen doing cameos in Allu Arjun’s film ‘Pushpa 2 – The Rule’

” Pushpa 2 will be released on 16 December 2023 ! ”

Speculation and tidbits of information have been surfacing about the highly-anticipated film, starring the dynamic duo of Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna. According to recent reports, a prominent Bollywood superstar associated with Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe may make a captivating appearance in ‘Pushpa – The Rule.’

Could this Bollywood superstar grace Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa’ sequel with their presence?

While the release date for ‘Pushpa – The Rule’ remains undisclosed, exciting news has emerged that will undoubtedly bring a smile to the faces of fans. As reported by, none other than Bollywood’s charismatic Simba, Ranveer Singh, might be seen in Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa – The Rule.’ This report also revealed that Ranveer Singh would portray a police officer who introduces Allu Arjun’s character, ‘Pushpa Raj,’ in the film. Although details regarding Ranveer Singh’s role are currently under wraps, the mere prospect of witnessing these two superstars sharing the same frame has ignited immense anticipation among the audience.

Pushpa 2 – The Rule: An action-packed extravaganza

Besides the inclusion of Ranveer Singh, ‘Pushpa – The Rule’ is expected to feature several other prominent stars making cameo appearances alongside Allu Arjun. One such actor is the highly acclaimed Fahadh Faasil. Reports suggest that many of these actors have already filmed their scenes at the renowned Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. The film, helmed by the talented director Sukumar, who has previously collaborated with Allu Arjun on successful ventures like ‘Pushpa – The Rise,’ ‘Arya,’ and ‘Arya 2,’ promises to be an enthralling cinematic experience. The music for this magnum opus is entrusted to the immensely talented composer Devi Sri Prasad, known for his exceptional musical contributions to the Indian film industry.

The pairing of Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna has previously captivated audiences, and their on-screen chemistry is set to reignite the silver screen in ‘Pushpa – The Rule.’ The duo’s charismatic performances and sizzling energy are expected to take the viewers on an unforgettable journey.


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