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New Delhi. In the area of Chanakyapuri two incidents of sensational robberies were reported on the night of 29/30/11-2009.   The first incident reported at about 1.30 AM at Gymkhana Club, where one TSR with two passenger, who was going to ISBT were attacked by some unknown assailants, who were in a Black Indica Car. The assailants stopped them at Gymkhana Club and beat them up and snatched with Rs.13000/-, Rs.4000/-,Rs.400/- and  03 Mobile Phones.


The second incident occurred at 2.25 AM at SP Marg, 11 Murti, where the assailants spotted a Taxi No.DL-1T-5956, being driven by Raj Kumar, with a foreigner passenger (a Belgium Lady – Wittock Patricia) from Airport to Majnu Ka Tila.   They snatched 1 iPod, one Camera and bag of the foreigner. 


In both the incidents the modus operandi was same and the same Black Indica Car was involved.  A case FIR No.194/09 dated 30.11.2009 u/s 392/34 IPC was registered at PS Chanakyapuri.


In another and separate incident, at about 4/4.15 AM in the early morning of 30.11.2009 one tourist Mr Karjigi Palakshi r/o Navi Mumbai who staying at Maharaja Hotel, Arakasha Road, Nabi Karim, was on his way  in a Taxi being driven by Rajender Kumar, to Airport to board a flight to Mumbai.  The taxi was being chased by a Maruti Van from Rani Jhansi Road and first obstructed at Jhandewalan and then stopped at near round about towards Mandir Marg. They  looted Rs.1200/- Nokia Mobile Phone, Driving Licence, HDFC & ICICI Card.  The assailants asked the PIN Code of his ATM Cards but later they abducted him in their van and took him to Daryaganj.   The assailants stopped at a ATM and withdrew Rs.50,000/- from his ATM Card.  On the plea/request of the victim, they left him with Rs.500/- and his air ticket to Mumbai on Ranjit Singh Flyover. He took off by Kingfisher – confirmed from the Airport.


                   On the statement of Rajender Kumar, tax driver a case FIR No.209/09 dated 30.11.2009 u/s 392/34 IPC was registered at PS Mandir Marg.


On this, teams were formed and deployed to trace out these assailants.  On an Information received by ASI Sant Ram of PS Mandir Marg, a team of officers from PS Mandir Marg under the supervision of SHO Mandir Marg and overall supervision of ACP/Pt. Street was constituted. The information was developed and made sincere efforts, which resulted in the arrest of 04 accused persons namely (i) Ravi Verma, (ii) Parveen Kumar Sah (iii) Sachin & (iv) Jamna Ram.   5th  accused Anup Kumar is absconding.


All the 04 accused persons were taken to sustained interrogation which revealed that they had committed  the above incidents on the night of 29/30.11.2009.  


A sum of Rs.46200/- and all the mobile phones, iPod, Camera etc. have been recovered from  their possession.


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