Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Right to information as a tool for good governance and against corruption-P.H.Pareekh

INVC,, Delhi,, “ RTI ACTIVISTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA” organized a  lecture on " ROLE OF RTI FOR EMPOWERMENT OF INDIAN DEMOCRACY" at Seminar Hall, Ramjas College Delhi University . Hon'ble Mr.Pravin.H Parekh Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and President Confederation of Indian Bar has preside over the lecture.Mr Pareekh Said that Right to information as a tool for good governance and against corruption: Corruption thrives on secrecy. Individuals and institutions become corrupt only when there is no public scrutiny of their actions. The more they operate in the public gaze the less corrupt and more efficient they are likely to be. In this respect, the right to information can be utilised as a tool to fight the widespread corruption in India. In 2006, India received a score of just 3.3 (out of a maximum of ten) in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, ranking it 70th out of 163 countries. This reflects the serious corruption problem in India - a problem that affects not only businesspeople, but a wide range of individuals. In India, tax revenue meant for investment in public services is an attractive target for abuse. In addition, Indian citizens - especially the poor ones - frequently face corruption in public service delivery via the solicitation of bribes or speed money. A.K.Jha,CEOIndiaonPhone Said that there is a great challenge to connect each villages of India for RTI through phone.  Revival of collapsed systems and sorting out people's problems is possible through this right, he said adding it is necessary for the common people to properly understand and use their democratic rights and responsibilities and exercise their franchise under the democratic set up. But, he said, the people's democratic responsibilities did not begin or end with casting their votes only since they are also required to nurture the democratic system in the day-to-day functioning. Mr Hasan Javed, News Producer said that Right to information as a tool for the fulfillment of economic and social rights. Anil Kumar Mittal Vice President said that , Citizens do not need to go to any office or even telephone anybody. They can enforce good governance from their homes. In the event, the public servant treats an RTI requisition with contempt or indifference, he faces the threat of paying a personal penalty.  Dhani Ram ,Chairman and Assit.Professor Ramjas College Said that  In its true sense, the RTI is a citizen's search for the truth about how his government functions -- a satyagraha. The movement is growing relentlessly and will lead India to the 'Swaraj' which we missed in 1947. A quiet peaceful revolution called the 'Right To Information' campaign is sweeping across the Nation. Sahnawaj Director institute of political leadership Said that I help this NGO to start a new segment  on RTI Sandeep Dubey President & Advocate Supreme Court of India said adding that the RTI Act was the outcome of the arguments of legal luminaries that freedom of speech depended on a derived right to information. If right to speech should be effective, there should be right to information. The right to live also meant right to live in decency and this included right to know. “Equality brings an obligation to share information,” he said. Gopal Prasad RTI Activist & General Secretry  today said that- This programme aims at improving the Right to Information legislation, the implementation and enforcement of such legislation and the utilization of the Right to Information as a tool for Democracy. Motto of our organization is fight for the right of RTI Activist of India. We start statewise training  campaign and awareness programme for RTI Activists. Saraswati vandana by Tripti sonkar and Poem on corruption by Gaphil swami appeariciated by audience.



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