Revolution in EV charging: Tata Power becomes the largest EV charging company

Tata Power's Nationwide EV Charging Network

Mumbai  : The Tata Power is rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the country. The company said that it is the first EV charging solution provider in the country whose range of services extends to 10 crore kilometers in the country. The company provides services in public, semi-public, fleet and home charger segments. Tata Power’s EV charging network is currently spread across 530 cities and towns in the country. Tata Power continues to expand its network with the EZ Charge name, providing 850 bus charging stations with over 86,000 home chargers, over 5,300 public, semi-public and fleet charging points.

According to industry estimates, annual sales of EVs in India can reach one crore by 2030. With the increasing demand for EVs and EV charging infrastructure, Tata Power is offering tech-enabled charging solutions to its customers. These also include RFID cards, which are providing users with facilities like tap-charge-go along with wireless charging.

These charging points have been deployed in highways, hotels, malls, hospitals, offices, residential complexes. The company says that they are moving forward with a positive approach for the growth of electric mobility in the country. At the same time, the government is also running schemes like FAME and National Electric Mobility Mission to promote e-mobility. Its aim is to increase the share of electric vehicles in the country to 30 percent by 2030.


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