Revised Scheme of Information and Communication Technology in Schools during the XI Plan




About 1.08 lakh Government and Government aided secondary and higher secondary schools are envisaged to be covered in the XI Plan. The components of the scheme include:

(i) Imparting of computer literacy and ICT enabled teaching learning. The schools would be provided the required computer hardware, software and e-content for the purpose. Dependable power supply and internet connectivity, preferably broadband, would be provided to the schools.
(ii) Capacity building of more than 10 lakh teachers in using ICT based tools for teaching through induction and refresher trainings.
(iii) Development and dissemination of appropriate e-content in the regional languages to enhance the comprehension levels of children in various subjects.
(iv) A scheme of rewards for teachers and schools for encouraging use of ICT in the teaching learning process will also be instituted.

Expenditure involved

It is estimated that an amount of Rs.6926.13 crore would be required during the XI Plan. The actual expenditure by the Central Government would be restricted to the Plan allocation of Rs.6000 crore for the scheme. The funding will be provided on a 75:25 sharing basis between the Centre and the States, except for NE States including Sikkim, where the sharing pattern would be 90:10. Recurring cost will be provided for a period of 5 years from the year of sanction.


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