Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Reverse Factor Reverses Lifestyle Diseases with Plant Based Foods, no More Suffering as you Age

Reverse Factor, the only health-tech company that helps people reverse lifestyle diseases with the help of right food has announced the launch of its mobile app. The RF application will now be a one stop solution for any kind of ailment caused by the lifestyle imbalance and will be backed by a team of health officers and the Nutrigenomics expert, Mr. Karan Kakkad. The app is available to download for both Android and IOS.

 RF has a proven track record of innumerable case studies that there are curative natural foods for every lifestyle disease such as diabetes, blood pressure, PCOD, thyroid etc. With a one-point mission to reverse disease and revive life, Reverse Factor team is putting their heart and soul to create a drug free and disease free world, simply by eating right and making right lifestyle changes.

Talking about the development, Mr. Karan Kakkad, Nutrigenomics expert and Founder of Reverse Factor said, “As per statistics published by WHO recently, more than 60% of the deaths in India are attributed to chronic diseases which shouldn’t even exists in the first place and we want this message to reach each and every household. It is important to remember that lifestyle diseases are an outcome of unhealthy lifestyle habits – consumption of too much processed food, stress and inactive daily routine but can be completely reversed by correcting the lifestyle.”


He further continued, “We have developed RF app to reach more and more people so that we can bring a positive impact on people’s life. Our team of health officers will be constantly in touch with the patients and their families to track their progress and help them achieve the goals.”

 Founded in 2017, Reverse Factor has helped more than 3000 patients of various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high BP, arthritis, thyroid, fatty liver and many more. The launch of the app comes as a milestone for RF as it will help reach people across the world suffering from these diseases more efficiently. The app will allow people to select their diseases from a wide range, upload their medical reports, get personalized health charts by the team of experts, buy superfoods & seeds and get an access to plethora of information.




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