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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Revenue Commission Seeks suggestions on ‘The Land leasing and Tenancy Bill, 2019’


Chandigarh , To make agricultural land leasing secure and simple for both the land owner and the tenant, the Punjab Revenue Commission (PRC) has drafted ‘The Punjab Land Leasing and Tenancy Bill, 2019’.The six-member Commission, headed by Justice (Retd.) S.S. Saron, has uploaded the Bill on Revenue Department and PLRs websites, and sought the public suggestions on the Bill. Notably, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab Government had constituted the Revenue Commission to bring efficiency in the working of Revenue department to make it further people friendly. The commission has mandated to make new acts and send its recommendations for amendments in the department’s Manuals and Acts. An official spokesperson said that any person/Union can send their suggestions on ‘The Punjab Land Leasing and Tenancy Bill, 2019’ till 17 January, 2019. He said that the purpose of this Act was to protect the rights of the cultivators and the land owner, besides enhancing cooperation between them. It would also ensure tenant/farmers to have access to institutional credit without affecting the landowner's title rights.



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