Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Reveals why he never calls Kishore Kumar as Kishore Da


Mumbai , Bollywood's one of the most talented, beloved and respected singers Sonu Nigam has always been the one to speak his heart out and show innate respect to the legends of Bollywood. As he celebrates his birthday on 30th July, he ceased the opportunity to make it special by paying a week-long tribute to the legendary Kishore Kumar closer to his 89th Birth Anniversary. He will don the hat of a radio jockey and share interesting elements about his life and fond memories about Kishore Kumar on BIG FM as 'BIG MJ of the week' from 30th July - 3rd August. Sonu Nigam landed in Mumbai at the age of 18 to become a singer. Sharing his early memories of his birthday in Mumbai he says, "While there have been a lot of memorable instances, one that is special to me is when Suresh Bajpai gifted me a Tanpura on my birthday. Sureshji is like our guru, I respect and admire him a lot". He also quite excitedly mentions that even Sureshji is a Leo like him and in fact, his mother and son are also Leo and chuckles that they are a family of lions. As the conversation gradually shifts towards Kishore Da, he picks one of his songs that he has recently heard and fallen in love with. "I recently heard this song 'Kaise Kahein hum Pyar Ne Humko'. It is an education, a manual for someone who wants to become a singer. It shows how one can feel a word and make it sound so alive. If you will listen to the song from my perspective, you will realize how every intricate detail of the song has been presented with so much soul and calmness in it.” While the industry and his fans fondly refer to Kishore Kumar as 'Kishore Da', Sonu Nigam shares why he doesn't. "I never call Kishore da 'Da' because Da means elder brother and I consider him as a father figure. I respect him so much that I never sang a song in front of him. I have learnt from him so much that I infuse his style into my songs. One special thing about Monsoons is that it reminds me of 'Kishore Kumar's song Rim Jhim Gire Sawan'." This sounds like an interesting heart to heart conversation and it will only get better and much more informative as for an entire week he will talk about his life, career, music and Kishore Kumar on BIG FM.



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