Rahul Gandhi

Raigarh : Addressing the public at Jan Nayak Chowk in Raigarh today, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asserted that the BJP and the Modi government are responsible for the hatred and violence prevalent in the country. He emphasized that those who propagate hatred and violence cannot claim to be serving the nation’s interests.

Unfolding the Blame

Taking a direct aim at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi stated that the ongoing violence in the country is a direct consequence of the policies of the BJP-led government. He highlighted the recent clashes between communities in Manipur, where people have been engulfed in flames of violence while the Prime Minister remained absent from the scene. Gandhi himself was prevented from visiting the troubled region, underscoring the systematic suppression of dissenting voices.

Injustice Towards the Marginalized

Rahul Gandhi further elucidated how the common people of India, including farmers, the poor, marginalized communities, tribal groups, and Dalit women, are facing consistent injustices on both economic and social fronts. He emphasized that this injustice is fueling a cycle of resentment, leading to the spread of hatred and violence.

Youth Discontent and Unprecedented Events

Drawing attention to the unprecedented events unfolding under the Modi regime, Rahul Gandhi highlighted instances where the aspirations of the youth were crushed. He pointed out how promises of employment in the armed forces were reneged upon, leaving thousands of hopefuls disillusioned and stranded. Such occurrences, he argued, are unprecedented in the history of independent India.

Denial of Indigenous Rights

Touching upon the issue of indigenous rights, Rahul Gandhi criticized the Modi government’s dismissal of tribal rights to land and resources. He cited examples where tribal communities were forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands, yet the government denies them their rightful claims. Additionally, he criticized the government’s reluctance to conduct caste-based census, which he believes is essential for understanding the true socio-economic landscape of the country.

Modi’s Silence and Inaction

Rahul Gandhi didn’t mince his words when highlighting Prime Minister Modi’s conspicuous silence and inaction in the face of crises. From the raging fires in Manipur to the increasing polarization among communities, Gandhi emphasized that Modi’s leadership has failed to provide the much-needed reassurance and resolution.

The Journey for Justice

Throughout his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra (India Unite for Justice Journey), Rahul Gandhi has been unwavering in his quest for justice and equity. From Odisha to Chhattisgarh, he has been rallying support and shedding light on the pressing issues facing the nation. His interactions with the masses have resonated deeply, igniting a sense of hope and solidarity among those seeking change.

The Road Ahead

As Rahul Gandhi continues his journey, the spotlight remains firmly on the injustices plaguing India and the urgent need for accountability. His bold stance against oppression and his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people serve as a beacon of hope in these tumultuous times. Rahul Gandhi’s scathing critique of the Modi government’s role in perpetuating hatred and violence underscores the pressing need for transformative change. As the nation grapples with myriad challenges, his voice reverberates as a clarion call for justice, equality, and unity.


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