Resident Evil-Retribution a treat to both, the first timers and regular viewers




Usually the franchise films having many series do not get new viewers owing to the fact that those who have missed out the first part have probably missed out a chunk of information which might get carried in the following sequels. Therefore franchise films usually have a few loyal audiences who stay committed to the series and are keen to watch its forthcoming parts. However, such won’t be the case with Sony Pictures upcoming film “Resident Evil-Retribution” assures the Director Paul W.S. Anderson.

This one hour 35 minute flick is action packed with crazy zombies attacking the human race and the savior Alice coming for their rescue. The movie with successful predecessors is based on a video game. But the twists and turns given in the film do not hinder the interpretations of the movie lovers who will be the first timers to watch this film.

Moviegoers new to the saga won’t feel left out, claims the director. “This is a stand-alone movie. We try and tell a self-contained story each time. Certainly you get more out of it by seeing the others, but even a first-timer will enjoy it. Resident Evil: Afterlife set records for the franchise in terms of audience around the world and many of those people really enjoyed the film without having seen the previous movies.”  Having made the movie in 3D adds fun to the whole movie watching experience.

So if you are new to the whole Resident Evil saga do not fret to give yourself this spine chilling experience. And if you are amongst the movie buffs committed to this series go ahead and enjoy this thrill one more time.

The film releases in India on 28th September in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.


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