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New Delhi,

Ferns N Petals, one of the largest flower and gifting brands, is going to host a mass healing event, followed by a unique meditation workshop under the personal guidance of world-renowned healer, Rene Mey at Opulent by Ferns N Petals on 11th January 2020. The French Humanist will help hundreds of people suffering from different ailments through his healing techniques during this mass healing event, free of charge.


Rene Mey is a seer, humanist and a man of peace with no political or religious affiliation. He travels the world conveying a message of peace and hope, inspiring and offering a new way to help others, to help each other. He believes that the reason for our presence in life lies in GIVING. Therefore, for many years he received and treated thousands of people to help them with all kinds of problems: emotional, spiritual and professional. He has also visited hospitalized patients, especially those who were under cancer care or in the terminal phase. He has the good intention to heal and help others, especially the underprivileged. Rene Mey has focused mainly on supporting underdeveloped countries through the creation of “Free Humanitarian Centers” with both traditional and alternative medicine as well as herbal medicine and acupuncture among other techniques recognized by the World Health Organization. To date, Rene has conducted 25,000 workshops and has taught his technique to around 37,500 people worldwide. Also, he has been conferred with 40 international awards and recognitions for his humanitarian work.


Rene Mey is coming to India this month to share his wisdom, heal people, give hope to everyone and help transform people’s lives through two distinctive events planned by Ferns N Petals. There will be a mass healing event (Message of Peace and Healing) on 11th Jan 2020, 11 am onwards, where the great healer will give his message of peace, provide healing to hundreds of patients free of cost and spread smiles across. This will be followed by a private meditation workshop guided by Rene Mey 4:00 pm onwards, which will be a ticketed event. By participating in this guided healing meditation session with an evolved master, one gets an opportunity to advance on one’s spiritual journey.


Speaking about the event, Ms Meeta Gutgutia, Co-founder, Ferns N Petals and Sipping Thoughts, said, “In order to spread love, happiness and health, we have invited Rene Mey to India so that he can spread his vibrant energy amongst the people here. Through his workshop, the French healer will transmit a message of hope and bring light and love to India. His discovery: “The New Intelligence of the Heart” is based on LOVE for others, each one taking responsibility for protecting others. He will heal the sufferers during the mass healing event and will teach his unique techniques during the meditation workshop. We are really excited to have him among us and to spread the magic of his healing therapies for the benefit of others on 11th January 2020.”


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