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Monday, September 28th, 2020

Remembering the Forgotten:  Daivam Conducts Mental Wellness Program For More than 500 Elderly Living in Old Age Home


New Delhi,

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day , A one of its kind initiative, Daivam Wellness organised a mental wellness program in old age home, aimed at improving the mental health of the inmates. The old age home, supported by Earth Saviours Foundation, has 500 elderly occupants, mostly frail and ailing, looking forward to some happiness and peace of mind in this festive season.


Different Activities were done to engage and help elderly people come out of depression and help them live peaceful and happy life. A Special session was also conducted by Dr. Priyamvada Dua, Consultant-Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Daivam Wellness. This Activity was the part of Daivam’s  Depression campaign ”Turn Your Magic On” which aims to help 1 Million people.


"Not living with a family adds to the feeling of isolation and neglect. Naturally, people in old home facilities are prone to develop mental health conditions. With our program we aim at helping these people come out of the depression and spend rest of their life in peace and happiness. This will help elderly people become calm, centred and clear. Further restoring energy, bringing mental clarity and setting the tone further meditation," says Dr Alok Chopra, Founder & Medical Director, Daivam Wellness.


Research and studies indicate that depression and mental health problems are common in the ageing population. According to a 2019 study1, about one-third elderly population of India is suffering from depression. Elderlies living in old age home, feel abandoned and unwanted and are therefore more vulnerable to developing mental health problems.


"We want to thank Daivam wellness for taking this Initiative to light up the lives of elderly it was great to see smiles and happiness on the faces of elderly ,we hope more such organisations will come forward to support and take care of elderly," said Ravi Kalra, Founder of Earth Saviour Foundation based in Gurugram.


Mental health problems are not only known to have devastating effects on the prognosis of other chronic diseases but are associated with increased morbidity, physical inactivity, and poor social activity. With a huge elderly population, India urgently needs more such programs, which can go a long way in helping reduce disease burden and improve the quality of life in old age.



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