Registration started for safe evacuation of Indian citizens from Israel – You can contact here

Indian Embassy in Israel

New Delhi & Tel Aviv : After Iran’s attack on Israel, the Indian Embassy in Israel has issued a new advisory for its citizens. In the advisory, Indian citizens have been instructed to remain calm and follow all safety protocols. In an unprecedented attack, Iran and its allies attacked Israel with 330 missiles and drones on Saturday. The attack was carried out by Israel in response to an alleged attack on Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus. Many people were killed in the Israeli attack, including two top Iranian commanders.

The Indian Embassy in Israel wrote in a post shared on social media that In view of the recent developments in the region, all Indian citizens living in Israel are advised to remain calm and follow all safety protocols advised by the local administration.

The Embassy is closely monitoring the situation and is in touch with the Israeli government and the Indian community to ensure the safety of all our citizens.

The Indian Embassy has issued a link for Indian citizens, on which Indian citizens have been asked to register. It is believed that this registration is being done in view of the fear of deportation of Indian citizens if the situation in Israel worsens. The Embassy has advised Indian citizens not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

This is the first time that Iran has launched a direct attack on Israel from its soil. However, despite Iran’s major attack, Israel was not harmed by this attack and most of the missiles and drones fired by Iran were intercepted and destroyed in the air. The Israeli Army says that 99 percent of the missiles and drones were destroyed in the air. However, the Israeli Army admitted that the danger is not over yet.

Till now no country has started evacuating its citizens from Israel and has only issued advisories to its citizens. The Indian Embassy is also keeping a close eye on the situation. After Iran’s attack, schools and colleges in Israel have been closed, but government offices and private businesses are operating as normal. However, the Israeli government has issued security guidelines to its citizens.


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