New Delhi,

Vanesa care has a decade-long legacy in crafting international rich fragrances which complements the Indian climatic conditions and its high aspirational values by introduce our new range of fragrances, POUR HOME in an all new packaging and amplified fragrances of room fresheners for your home, office and car.

The range includes French Fusion, French Flora & Lime Life to add an extra pinch of freshness, brightness and brilliance in your homes, surroundings and lives.

The French Flora is a blend of floral wreaths unified and compressed as an aroma booster with a rich and an English fragrance.

The Lime Life is as refreshing as the lemon and even some of it enough to brighten the whole aura of your living space.

The French Fusion is an amalgamation of French fragrances for negating and acts as a bad odor neutralizer for the environment.

All fragrances have the unique international aroma of freshness with a blend of ingredients from the nature along with their beneficial goodness. Nature is a carnival of refreshing fragrances and Pour Home presents you complete bouquet to keep your surroundings fragrant, lively and effervescent for you and your loved ones.

It is ideally designed for living spaces which is formulated with a powerful blend of fragrances from the natural creations. It is important that you now choose an inspired living with the invigorating impact of nature-inspired fragrances.


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