Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Reebok Introduces Latest Running Innovation - The Reebok One Series

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Innovative Running Collection Built Seamlessly from Back to Front - the Way the Foot Moves
Reebok launches its latest running innovation to take fitness to the next level. The Reebok One Series is the introduction of a unique running concept based on a function-first design philosophy– featuring technology you can feel.  Built from back to front instead of the standard bottom-up method, the Reebok One Series features “Zoned” technology that mimics the way the foot moves, meeting the demands of the runner through each phase of the Gait Cycle.  The goal of the Reebok One Series is to give the runner the smoothest ride possible.  A new seamless fusion of zones is engineered to ensure the upper and bottom work harmoniously as one system.   The state-of-the-art technology in the One Series features 3 distinct zones that complement the runner’s needs at each phase of their gait. Zone 1 is the Contact Zone – featuring a soft foam compound that provides shock attenuation with every stride.  Zone 2 is the Midstance Zone – engineered to provide a smooth mid foot transition. Zone 3 is the Propulsive Zone – featuring an ultra-responsive high rebound foam compound to help propel the runner forward during toe-off.  The Reebok One Series will debut with the Reebok One ‘Cushion’ and the Reebok One ‘Guide’ available in men’s and women’s. The Reebok One Cushion is designed to maximize comfort and performance for runners with a neutral gait.  The Reebok One Guide is created for mild to moderate pronators. The Reebok One Series Running Collection is available from 15th August 2013 at select Reebok outlets.



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