Record Rainfall Devastates UAE and Oman: Crisis Unfolds | Emergency Response in Action

Record Rainfall Devastates UAE and Oman

UAE : The storm caused record rainfall in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. Due to this the situation here has gone from bad to worse. The entire city is filled with water. Traffic came to a standstill and people were stuck in their homes. Not only this, many flights going from Dubai to Delhi had to be cancelled. Meanwhile, the Consulate General of India in the UAE advised Indian passengers traveling to or from Dubai International Airport to avoid traveling until the situation returns to normal. Following record rainfall this week, Dubai and There was flooding in the surrounding areas.

The people here are trying to recover from this. In an advisory issued on Friday, the embassy said officials were working around the clock to normalize operations. At the same time, airport officials have advised that passengers should come to the airport only after getting confirmation from the respective airlines about the timing of the flights. The embassy said, ‘Due to heavy rains in the UAE earlier this week, many places were affected. Filled with water. In view of the circumstances, Dubai International Airport temporarily limited the number of incoming flights.


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