REC Limited has committed financial assistance of about ₹1.27 crore under its CSR initiative to Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services department (PRS) of NIMHANS in Bengaluru.


The objective of the project is to promote growth and development of mental health rehabilitation using an integrated multidisciplinary approach that will encourage and empower patients with mental illness and caregivers to lead an independent, productive and dignified life. The facilities will benefit more than 1000 people with mental illness each year. 


Among other things, a unique 64 channel EEG Neurofeedback system, EEG based Event-Related Potentials (ERP) recording system equipment will be set up. Neurofeedback based training will significantly add to help patients with severe mental illnesses improve their cognitive deficits and help in objectively assessing the neural changes happening due to the existing cognitive remediation program. The project also seeks to set up web portal and directory for services to persons with mental illness.


The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) in this regard was executed between REC Foundation and NIMHANS Bengaluru. Shri R. Anbalagan, Sr. CPM & CGM – REC and Dr Pratima Murthy, Director – NIMHANS signed the MoA in the presence of Shri SS Gowtham, Manager – REC; Dr. Shankaranarayana Rao, Registrar – NIMHANS, Dr. Jagadish Thirthalli, I/C Head of PRS and Professor of Psychiatry – NIMHANS and other officials of PRS NIMHANS Bengaluru.


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