Real Shiv Sena Controversy – But Today Something Will Happen


Real Shiv Sena Controversy – But Today Something Will Happen

Who is the real Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, it can be heard in the Supreme Court today. In fact, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court said that it may list the matter tomorrow. Significantly, there is a long pending hearing in Maharashtra regarding the real Shiv Sena. Now the Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde faction has requested the Supreme Court for an early hearing of the matter. Significantly, the BMC elections in Maharashtra are going to be held very soon. Seeing this, the Shinde faction wants that the real Shiv Sena should be decided at the earliest.

On Tuesday, senior advocate Neeraj Kishan Kaul appeared in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Shinde faction. He has prayed for an early hearing in the matter. After this, CJI UU Lalit and Justice S Ravindra Bhatt said that they can list the matter for hearing on Wednesday. CJI Lalit said that I cannot say anything clearly, but today something or the other will definitely happen. At the same time, talking about the speedy hearing of the matter, Senior Advocate Kaul said that the Supreme Court had referred the matter to the Constitutional Bench of five judges. At the same time, the hearing of this matter in the Election Commission was also stopped.

Advocate Kaul said that now that the local body elections are about to be held in Maharashtra, the matter should be decided at the earliest. Significantly, in August, a three-judge bench in the Supreme Court had referred the petition of the case to a five-judge Constitutional Bench. At that time, the date of August 25 was fixed for the hearing of this matter. But till now its hearing is pending. Apart from this, the top court had also ordered the Election Commission not to pronounce its verdict on the real Shiv Sena till August 25. He gave this order on a petition by the Shinde faction to claim itself as the real Shiv Sena. plc/gt


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