Palm oil prices have come down from Rs 157.69 a liter to Rs 155.94 in a month. The price of mustard oil has come down from Rs 184.95 to Rs 183.16.

The price of tea leaves has come down from Rs 286.97 to Rs 284.21 and onion from Rs 24.16 to Rs 23.81. The effect of RBI’s efforts to control inflation is visible on pulses and oil.

But rising prices of tomatoes and potatoes may spoil it. According to consumer ministry data, tomato has increased from Rs 31.64 per kg to Rs 52.32 per kg in a month.

It has increased by more than 70 percent. The price of potato has increased from Rs 20.93 to Rs 24.12 per kg. It has seen an increase of 17 percent. PLC&GT


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