Ratna Shastra: Know which gemstone to wear for which planet

Ratna Shastra is very important in our life, only Ratna Shastra tells which gems are useful for which planet, some important pieces have been described in Ratna Shastra. Some planet has the right over these gems. Wearing these gems gives auspiciousness to the planets.

Therefore, today we are going to tell you about one such gemstone. Which is Opal stone. Which removes the sourness between husband and wife, makes the relationship sweet. Along with this, wearing opal gives all material pleasures. Opal gemstone is believed to be related to Shukra gemstone. In gemstone astrology, the planet Venus has been considered as the factor of married life, love, beauty, attraction and material comforts. So, let us know what is the correct method of wearing the benefits of wearing Opal gemstone.

Benefits of wearing Opal gemstone

According to astrology, wearing this gemstone removes the sourness in married life or love relations. Wearing this gemstone enhances the personality of a person. Whereas those who are working in the fields related to music, actor, actress, painting, dance, TV, film, theatre, computer, IT. Opal is considered auspicious for those people.

Correct method of wearing Opal

According to astrology, the Friday of Shukla Paksha is auspicious for wearing Opal. On this day, it should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand with Opal gemstone. Before wearing it, this gemstone studded ring should be purified from the raw milk of the cow with Gangajal. After purifying, keep this ring on a white cloth, then the ring should be worn by chanting a rosary of Shukra’s mantra Om Dram Dreen Draunsa: Shukrai Namah. Along with this, after this, any Brahmin should be given the donation (opal ratna vidhi) by touching the feet related to the planet Venus.

Many big personalities have also seen its miracles by wearing opal, among which Amitabh Bachchan can be recognized prominently.

This information is only, take expert opinion before use.


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