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For its achievements in the fields of teaching, research, publications and promotion and propagation of Sanskrit, the Vidypeetha has been bestowed with distinct awards namely,

  • ·Recognised by the UGC as Centre for Excellence in the subject of Traditional Sastras.
  • ·Accredited at A+  level by National Assessment and  Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2003.
  • ·Vidyapeetha rated best in the country

        Recently Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha was assesed for its academic excellence, research programmes, infrastructure, co-curricular and extension activities by the Prof. ‘TANDON’ committee appointed for assessing quality of Deeded University in the country under Ministry of Human Resource Development. It is a matter of great pride and joy that Vidyapeetha was ranked the best in the country the other being the TIFR, Mumbai, BITS, Pilani, IIIT, Bangalore to name a few.

Centre Of Excellence In Traditional Sastras

        The Vidyapeetha has achieved a rare honour of being recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Traditional Sastras by the UGC consecutively for the second time basing on its achievements, academic excellence earned in the field of teaching and research in Traditional Sastras and its potential for future development. Under this scheme, the following activities have been undertaken by the Vidyapeetha.

  • ·Post-Acharya Training in Sastraic Studies – Sastravaridhi.
  • ·Publications.
  • ·Audio and Video Documentation.
  • ·Audio-Video Recording Centre activities.
  • ·Lipi Vikasa Pradarsini.
  • ·Electronic Tools for Ancient Script Learning.
  • ·Sanskrit Self Learning Kits.
  • ·Documentation of Artefacts.
  • ·Digitalization of Manuscripts.
  • ·Yoga, Stress Management and Healing  Centre.
  • ·Seminars / Workshops.
  • ·Post Graduate Courses to bridge Computer Science and Sanskrit Language Technology.

 Subsidised Meals Scheme

            The Vidyapeetha has introduced the Annadanam Scheme under which the Vidyapeetha has been providing meals to the students at the rate of Rs. 10.

Mahabharata Project

            The Project of the Electronic Text of The Mahabharata is a prestigious one year project sponsored by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati undertaken by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati to bring out standard text of Mahabharata with text variations with Hyper Links, which is use full to Researchers.

Objectives of the Project

  • To bring out a standard text of the Mahabharata with text variations basingon the South Indian and North Indian editions available.
  • To add a simple but authentic summary of each Parva in English, Hindi and Telugu languages.
  • Appending the list of aspects for carrying research on the Mahabharata such as – Devotional, philosophical, ethical geographical, sociological, political, war – strategic and psychological aspects.
  • To offer it on Web Site an Electronic Text with Hyperlinks with recitation of selected portions and graphic representation.

All India Sanskrit Students’ Talent Festival

            All India Sanskrit Students’ Talent Festival is a unique festival undertaken by the Vidyapeetha.  It was organised for the first time in February 2007 and has ever since, become a regular and annual event of the Vidyapeetha.  It is held for 4 days inviting participants from Sanskrit institutions all over India in order to bring to light the latent talents/skills in the students.

The  Alphabetical  Gallery

            The gallery aims to trace the origin, growth and development of the alphabet in India from the earliest times (3000 B.C.) till the development of regional scripts (9th Century A.D.).

            The historical context of the Indus writing has been attempted by displaying objects, especially Seals on which the script was engraved. These seals have been found in Indus Valley sites, such as Lothal in western India during archaeological excavations in 1950-1980. The gallery also consists of some models of seals from other Indus Valley sites, such as Mohenjodaro (Pakistan) and Kalibangan (India) as well as from ancient Near Eastern sites, such as Kish and Braq, Ur (Sumer – Iraq), Hissar and Bahrein. The models of Indus Valley seals, sealings, sculptures etc. give an insight into the life of the people and take the history of Sanskrit language, the, Vedic concepts and traditions to a much earlier date than what is known.

Ancient Indian Science  Exhibition

            Ancient Indian Science exhibition is one of the projects of the Vidyapeetha, which aims at highlighting the scientific wisdom preserved in the Sanskrit literature.  It is with this objective in view a torch-bearing task has been undertaken by the Sanskrit- Science Study Centre of Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati in the field of Sanskrit-Science. An enormous exhibition with worthwhile content has resulted from the constant efforts of this centre.

            This exhibition consists nearly 200 concepts pertaining to different branches of science with respective parallels from the ancient Sanskrit treatises. The branches covered are – Ayurveda, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Mathematics, Gemology, Acoustics, Botony, Sarry Plants. Exhibition on wheels was organised in 26 Universities and in several colleges situated in different states of the country.

Earn While You Learn

            The Vidyapeetha has been providing opportunities to its students to do some part-time jobs in the scheme of ‘Earn while you learn’. Most of the students of the Vidyapeetha who have knowledge of working with the computers and other technical skills are engaged in several research projects and other Vidyapeetha programmes enabling them to earn sufficiently to meet their expenses.


            The Vidyapeetha has brought out 50 prestigious publications on the eve of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations. In all the Vidyapeetha has 275 valuable publications.

Honours & Awards To The Institution/Individuals

            During the year 2009, the Presidential Certificate of Honour was conferred on Vidyapeetha sitting Professor Kompella Ramasuryanarayana. During the year 2010, the same award was conferred on Professor K.E. Govindan. Professor Harekrishna Satapathy, the Vice-Chancellor of the Vidypaeetha, has been conferred the Dalmia Srivani Alankara Nyasa for his outstanding contribution to the field of Sanskrit. During 2011, the Vice-Chancellor was conferred with the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi award for his valuable publication Bharatayanam.

Organisation Of Conferences/Seminars/Symposia

            During the year,  the Vidyapeetha has organized nearly 25 Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops etc. Every year the Vidyapeetha conducts Refresher Courses for college level teachers, besides holding extension lectures on topics connected with higher learning of Sanskrit. During the year 2010 the Vidyapeetha had organized the 45th Session of All India Oriental Conference, in which 3500 delegates from India and Abroad have participated and presented their Research Papers.


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