Know in which case now rape case will not be made

The Supreme Court has again reiterated that if two people are living together for a long time and later their relationship deteriorates, then it is not correct to allege rape thereafter. In fact, it has been seen many times that a woman and a man live together for years without marriage and there comes a time when their relationship gets sour.

Then the woman accuses the man of rape. Many times it is also alleged that by promising marriage, they have physical relations. But the court says that a case of rape is not made out against such a man.

The present case is from Rajasthan, where a woman and a man were living together for four years. He is not married. They also have a daughter from this relationship, but then the relationship between the woman and the man deteriorates. The woman then filed a rape case against the man.

The Rajasthan High Court refused to grant bail to the man. Hearing this matter, the Supreme Court canceled the High Court’s decision and granted bail to the man. The Supreme Court has said in its order that if two people are living together and then the relationship gets spoiled, then there is no rape case in it. PLC/GT


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