Rampant Cybercrime Franchise: Jamtara Gang Expands Illegal Operations with Commission-Based Network


New Delhi : It is concerning to learn that cybercrime gangsters, specifically the Jamtara gang in Bihar, India, have adopted a franchise model to expand their illegal activities and maximize their earnings. These criminals have been outsourcing fraudulent activities and have managed to generate significant profits. Over the past four months alone, the gang has orchestrated cyber fraud amounting to Rs 74 crore.

The Jamtara gang has devised a new method for committing crimes by establishing cell companies dedicated to cyber fraud. They provide bank accounts to deceive individuals, and any funds deposited into these accounts are divided among the participants. The franchisees, who are groomed to carry out online fraud, receive a 10% commission on the amount that enters the designated account. The individuals operating the call centers responsible for making fraudulent calls receive a fixed commission of 25%. The gang members involved in withdrawing money from compromised accounts earn an 8% commission.

Under their franchisee network, the gang also rewards individuals who provide data with a 2% commission. Furthermore, separate criminals are assigned the task of procuring SIM cards, and they are compensated with a 2% commission for their efforts.

To facilitate their fraudulent activities, the Jamtara gang operates a website, www dot Coupon Code. They distribute coupon codes to their commission agents, who redeem them and sell the acquired goods. After deducting a 30% commission, the remaining amount is sent back to the gang. This scheme allows cybercriminals to earn substantial sums through large-scale fraud, making it increasingly challenging for the police, cybercrime units, and the government to curb their operations.

It is essential for law enforcement agencies and authorities to work together to combat these cybercrime networks and develop strategies to protect individuals from falling victim to such fraudulent schemes. Increased awareness, improved cybersecurity measures, and swift action against these criminals are necessary to mitigate the impact of cybercrime on society.


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