Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Ramp Walk by the patients who have undergone Joint Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgeries,invcnewsINVC NEWS Bhopal , A Ramp walk- “Getting Back To Life” was organized by Shalya Joint Clinic at Motel Shiraz here today. Many of his patients who have undergone joint replacement surgeries and bounced back to the normal life after having tough times earlier participated in the Ramp Walk. It was a perfect example of how they have gained mobility after joint replacement surgeries. More than 20 patients participated in this event and many others were witness to the event. This is indeed a good news for the residents of the city of Bhopal. Now the entire medical fraternity and patients have access to the most sophisticated equipment at Bhopal’s Hospitals, which are usually available in speciality medical centers of METRO’S. It is encouraging to know that Shalya Joint Care, have taken steps to cater to the growing needs of the people suffering from arthritis by making complicated medical treatments like Hip Replacement Surgeries available at Bhopal. Dr. Narendra Kumar has been performing Joint replacement surgeries, including Knee, Hip and Shoulder for more than 15 years in  Bhopal. He is a Super Specialist in Joint Replacements and Arthroscopic Surgeries. He has a dedicated practice in joints related disorders due to Arthritis, Sports Injuries & Accident Injuries. He is Graduate and post Graduate from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, passing his MBBS and MS  in flying colors in 1986, then he left Bhopal to pursue higher training in Advanced Orthopedic Techniques at Kovai Medical Center Coimbatore. He underwent training in Advanced Trauma Surgeries, Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Techniques. His next Assignment was at Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, where he mastered the surgical techniques further. On this occasion, Dr. Narendra Kumar, Director, Shalya Joint Clinic said that in a career of 20 years as an active orthopaedic surgeon, I performed many major operations and this gives me immense pleasure to see my patients getting active again. Through this Ramp Walk, we wish to convey the message that the patients should not be disheartened by their condition. There is always a way to get to the normal life. My philosophy of practice is to excel and provide the highest level of care to my patients. One of his patients, Ms. Kiran Mishra was suffering from both hip AVN & both knee Arthritis, Dr Kumar replaced all joints in two sitting. He did Bilateral Knee and Bilateral Hip replacement surgeries in the same sitting.  She added, "I am now more energetic and able to move freely which has renewed my zest for life. I am very happy with the post-operative care provided within the hospital”.



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