Rama Ekadashi today: Financial troubles will be overcome, worship of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi together

This year Kartik Krishna Ekadashi i.e. Rama Ekadashi is falling on 21st October, which will end on Dwadashi i.e. 22nd October. On this Ekadashi day, Lord Vishnu i.e. Ramapati is worshiped along with his Ardhangini Rama.

The name of this Ekadashi is derived from the name of Rama Ekadashi Mata Lakshmi. It is said that on this Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi should be worshiped together, due to this, the devotee is blessed with such a blessing that there is no financial crisis in his life. Also, during the worship, one should listen to the Rama Ekadashi fasting story. By listening to this fasting story, all sins are destroyed and one gets freedom from financial troubles.

It is a matter of olden times, there was a king named Muchkund in a city, King Muchkund married his daughter Chandrabhaga with Shobhan, son of King Chandrasen of another city. Shobhan was physically weak and could not live without food for even a single time. In Kartik, both reached the place of King Muchkund. At the same time Rama Ekadashi fell, at that time it was believed that the male and female of the state used to observe Rama Ekadashi fast. Animals and birds also used to observe this fast. So she advised her husband Shobhan to go to another city and have food.

But Shobhan did not listen to Chandrabhaga’s advice and decided to keep the fast. Here, due to fasting, Shobhan’s life was blown away till morning. After the death of her husband, Chandrabhaga did not go to her in-laws’ house and lived with her father and started living with the help of worship and fasting. On the other hand, due to the effect of Ekadashi fast, Shobhan was born next and got the kingdom of Devpuri city. This kingdom was full of money and grains. One day when Som Sharma, a Brahmin of Muchkund’s kingdom, passed by, he recognized Shobhan. When the Brahmin asked him the secret of getting opulence, he mentioned the fruits of Rama Ekadashi. Simultaneously, Shobhan asks the Brahmin the way to stabilize this opulence. The Brahmin returns from here and tells the whole story to Chandrabhaga.

This is the effect of fasting: On this Chandrabhaga told that she has been observing Rama Ekadashi fast for eight years. Due to this effect, her husband will get merit. After this she goes to Shobhan and hands over the virtuous fruit of Ekadashi fast to Shobhan. After this, by the grace of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, the opulence of Devpur becomes stable and both start living happily. PLC/GT


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