CITCO has initiated to convey to best wishes to Indian Cricket Team to play at its best and bring home the World Cup – 2011 again. At CITCO’s flagship hotel Mountview,  Home Secretary and Secretary Tourism Chandigarh, Shri Ram Niwas was the chief guest for Cake Cutting Ceremony symbolizing the best wishes and merriment for Indian Cricket fans to cheer up the Indian Cricket Team with the good beginning winning spree of the Indian Team against Bangladesh.  Shri Ram Niwas also put his best wishes on a large canvass especially set up for Cricket fans to pen down their sentiments and best wishes for the Indian Cricket Team for their continued winning performance against different teams participating in the ICC World Cup – 2011.

According to Managing Director, CITCO, SHRI D.K. Tiwari, At Hotel Mountview for the cricket fans, special menus have been crafted out in shape of a bat and ball separately with snacks, mocktails and cocktails having a wholesome experience of watching the cricket on large LCD Television screen and having snacks and drinks of their choice with exotic names linking with cricketing euphoria and nomenclature like Dazzling Yorker, LBW,  INDIA’S PUNCH as cocktails and Captain’s Cooler, Googli and Whipping Cover Drive as mocktails.  The snacks includes Chicken Short Leg, Fish Third Umpire, Prawns Short Leg and Off Beat names like ‘Chicken Caught and Bowled’

The Cricket lovers can enjoy the special snacks and drinks at the Coffee Shop, Vintage Lounge Bar at Hotel Mountview throughout the period of World Cup playing sessions.



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