Bhadra on Rakshabandhan 2024: Confused about date and auspicious time? Know the best time to tie Rakhi


New Delhi : There is confusion regarding the date of Rakshabandhan. Due to the full moon being there for two days and the shadow of Bhadra falling, the auspicious time is available only for a short time. Due to Bhadra being observed throughout the day, this time Rakshabandhan will be celebrated at night. Sisters will get only one hour and 20 minutes auspicious time on the full moon day to tie Rakhi, based on religious texts and decision of Sindhu, the best auspicious and auspicious time is from 8.26 to 9.46 pm on 11th August.

According to Dharma Sindhu, Rakshabandhan should be performed in the afternoon without Bhadra or in Pradosh period, on a date more than three hours 10 minutes from sunrise. If the Purnima Tithi is less than three Muhurat from the sunrise time, then Raksha Bandhan should be performed on the previous day in Pradosh Kaal without Bhadra. Tying Rakhi on 11 August 2024 due to Bhadra is considered inauspicious.

On Rakshabandhan, sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers and pray for their long life and the brothers promise to protect them. Shravan Shukla Purnima will start after 9.35 pm on 11th August and along with it Bhadra will start. Which will end at 8.25 pm. In such a situation, there is no auspicious time for Rakshabandhan throughout the day. Decision According to Sindhu, in such a situation Rakshabandhan can be performed at night, but should not be done in Pratipada. This year Shravan Shukla Purnima is on Friday till 7.16 pm only.


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