Monday, July 6th, 2020

Railways executed long pending Maintenance works

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New Delhi,
Backend warriors of Indian Railways have successfully executed long pending Maintenance works like Yard remodelling, Renewal of Scissors Crossover, Repairs of Bridges during this lockdown. Pending for several years, they often confronted Indian Railways as bottlenecks.

Apart from ensuring  supply chains all essential commodities running  through parcel trains and freight trains, Indian Railways  executed these long pending maintenance works during this lockdown period when passenger services were suspended due to COVID -19.


Indian Railways focused on several long pending overdue maintenance works requiring Traffic block of long durations. These works were pending for several years and were confronting Railways with severe bottlenecks. Indian Railways planned these works during lockdown period considering it ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity’ to wipe out these maintenance arrears and take up the execution of work without affecting the train service.

The maintenance of assets was taken up regularly to continue the supply chain of essential goods to public.

Around 500 modern heavy duty Track Maintenance Machines along with track, signal & Overhead Equipment (OHE) maintainers have worked regularly for 10749 machine days to complete overdue track maintenance of 12270 km plain track & 5263 nos. of Turn outs.


Health of the track has been monitored through periodic runs of Oscillation Monitoring System (OMS) cumulating 1,92,488 kms. of track at 5362 peak locations indicated by OMS test has been attended to ensure proper quality. Ultrasonic flaw detection (USFD) of 30182 kms of track and 1,34,443 rail welds has been carried out with USFD machine. Critical summer precaution activities like de-stressing of long welded rail (LWR)which involved huge men power has been taken up with a new procedure for carrying out the  work with ensuring social distancing norms. 2,246 kms of de-stressing of LWR has been done.




Renewal of wooden layout Scissors crossover with standard Pre-stress Concrete (PSC) layout in KAZIPET yard (South Central Railway).



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