Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has slammed the Modi government over the Agneepath scheme. He tweeted that the BJP government has insulted the values ​​of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ for 8 consecutive years. I had said earlier also that the Prime Minister will have to withdraw the Black Agriculture Act.

In the same way, he will have to obey the youth of the country by becoming ‘Mafiveer’ and ‘Agneepath’ will have to be taken back. Rahul Gandhi has made a apology taunt on PM Narendra Modi regarding the Agniveer recruitment scheme. He is constantly opposing the Agneepath scheme and calling it an injustice to the youth.

Earlier on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi had attacked the government by tweeting on this issue. He had said that the Agneepath scheme has been rejected by the youth. Agricultural laws were rejected by the farmers.

Demonetisation was rejected by economists. Apart from this, GST was rejected by the traders. Rahul Gandhi had said, ‘The Prime Minister does not understand what the people of the country want, because he does not hear anything except the voice of his ‘friends’. Apart from Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi is also attacking about this scheme and is targeting the government. PLC/GT


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