Rahul gandhi’s gujarat tour: Meeting fire victims and taking on modi government

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

Rajkot : Leader of Opposition (LOP) in Lok Sabha and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi is currently on a significant tour of Gujarat. His visit underscores his commitment to addressing the grievances of the people and reinforcing the Congress party’s presence in the state. Today, he reached Ahmedabad, marking the beginning of a series of critical engagements.

Meeting with Victims of Rajkot Game Zone Fire Incident

One of the highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s tour was his meeting with the victims of the Rajkot Game Zone fire incident. The tragedy, which resulted in significant loss and trauma, has left many families in distress. Rahul Gandhi’s visit aimed to offer solace and support to the affected families, demonstrating his empathetic leadership.

Addressing Party Workers in Ahmedabad

During his tour, Rahul Gandhi also met with Congress party workers in Ahmedabad. This gathering was a crucial platform for him to address the internal dynamics of the party and outline his vision for the future. He acknowledged the shortcomings of the Congress in Gujarat and emphasized the need for unity and strategic planning.

Rahul Gandhi remarked, “Just like they broke our office, we are going to break their government in the same way. There are shortcomings in Gujarat Congress. There are two types of horses here. One is used for racing and the other is used for marriage. Congress uses the racehorse in marriage and the wedding horse in the race. In the last elections, we did not fight properly against BJP. In 2017, we worked for three months and the results were good. Now we have three years. We will leave the finishing line behind. You are going to win in Gujarat after 30 years. I and my sister are standing with you.”

Criticism of the BJP Government

Rahul Gandhi did not hold back in his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. He highlighted several issues, particularly focusing on the BJP’s handling of key developments in Ayodhya and the unmet promises made to the people. Gandhi’s pointed remarks aimed to expose the discrepancies between the BJP’s promises and their actual delivery.

He said, “The entire movement of BJP was of Ram Mandir, Ayodhya. Advani ji started it, did Rath Yatra. It is said that Narendra Modi ji helped Advani ji in that Rath Yatra. I was thinking in Parliament that they did Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir and Adani-Ambani ji were seen in Pran Pratishtha but the poor person was not seen. In Parliament, I asked the MP of Ayodhya that, this BJP has done its Ram Mandir, Ayodhya. Before the entire political elections, they did the consecration of the Ram temple. But the Indy alliance won the elections in Ayodhya, what happened?”

Addressing the Issues of Ayodhya’s Residents

Rahul Gandhi further emphasized the plight of Ayodhya’s residents who were affected by the construction of the Ram Mandir and other infrastructural projects. He cited conversations with locals who expressed their grievances about land acquisition and the lack of adequate compensation.

Gandhi stated, “Ayodhya MP Avdhesh Prasad said, Rahul ji, I had come to know that I am going to contest the elections from Ayodhya and I am going to win too. He said, the people of Ayodhya used to tell me that our land was taken to build the temple in Ayodhya, many shops and houses were demolished and the government has not given compensation to the people till date. The land of the farmers of Ayodhya was used in the construction of a big airport in Ayodhya, for which the farmers have not received compensation till date. The people of Ayodhya were not present in the consecration of Ayodhya.”

Bajrang Dal Protests Against Rahul Gandhi’s Visit

Amidst his visit, Rahul Gandhi faced opposition from Bajrang Dal, which protested against his presence in Ahmedabad. The group’s discontent stemmed from Gandhi’s previous statements in the Lok Sabha regarding Hindus. Despite the protests, Gandhi’s tour continued as planned, with significant attention to addressing the concerns of Congress workers and local citizens.

Shaktisinh Gohil’s Remarks on Rahul Gandhi’s Visit

Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil provided insights into the significance of Rahul Gandhi’s visit. He emphasized the importance of Gandhi’s guidance for the Congress workers and highlighted the support Gandhi has garnered from those feeling wronged by the BJP.

Gohil stated, “Our leader and Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi is coming to the State Congress office in Ahmedabad on July 6. He will guide the workers of the Congress family and will talk to them.” He added, “I received calls from many people from across Gujarat who were wronged by the BJP. They told me that Rahul Gandhi fights for justice. They told me that they had faith in the BJP but they did not get justice. Now they want to put their case before Rahul Gandhi. So we also request them to talk once. Rahul Gandhi will hold a meeting with Congress workers on Saturday at 12 noon.”


Rahul Gandhi’s tour of Gujarat is a significant step in addressing the grievances of the people and revitalizing the Congress party’s efforts in the state. His interactions with the victims of the Rajkot fire incident and his engagements with party workers underscore his commitment to grassroots-level politics and empathetic leadership. By addressing both internal and external challenges, Rahul Gandhi aims to strengthen the Congress’s position in Gujarat and build a more robust opposition against the BJP.


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