Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Qualitative supply insecticides being ensured : Vidya Stokes

Vidya Stokes INVC NEWSINVC NEWS Shimla, Horticulture Minister Vidya Stokes today said the State Government was ensuring timely and qualitative supply of fungicides and insecticides to the farmers and horticulturists so as to help them in increasing the productivity of their crops.  Stokes said fungicides and insecticides being procured by the Horticulture Department were scrutinized and evaluated by conducting pre-dispatch lab analysis of the products and subsequently supplied to the farmers. She said that before procurement of the pesticides, samples were being drawn for lab analysis by the department and after the satisfactory report of these samples, the final order is placed to the companies with whom the rate contract had been executed. She said that the department had been directed to draw the samples of every batch of insecticides supplied to the government from different parts of the State so that chances of supply of spurious insecticides were eliminated. This would not only act as deterrent to scrupulous companies but also help the government to supply the best material to the farmers, she added. The Minister said economy of the State was largely dependent on agriculture and horticulture sector and therefore, the State Government was giving added priority to enhance the productivity by providing various facilities to the agrarian community under various schemes.



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