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The report titled “Qatar Real Estate Market Outlook 2021 – Economic Diversification and FIFA World Cup 2022 to Support Infrastructure Development” provides a comprehensive analysis of real estate market in Qatar. The report focuses on overall market size for Qatar rental and sales real estate market, Doha rental real estate market, Qatar online and broker market, segmentation on the basis of type of market (sales and rental), sub-segmentation on the basis of sectors (residential, commercial, retail and hotel) and by property type (Villas, apartments, residential complex, towers and palaces etc). The report also covers major players, role of brokers and REITs in Qatar real estate market, trends and developments in both Qatar and Doha real estate market. The report concludes with market projection for future and analyst recommendation highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Qatar Real Estate Market

Qatar real estate sector contributes a substantial share in Qatar’s overall GDP with infrastructure projects accounting for highest spending. The growth in Qatar real estate market has been driven by various segments which majorly include residential, retail, hotel and commercial sector. The real estate market has witnessed growth in the rental value at a CAGR of ~% during 2011-2016. Qatar real estate market is expanding owing to high immigrant population, economic diversification and infrastructure development for preparation of FIFA World Cup 2022. The market grew from USD ~ billion in 2011 to USD ~ billion in 2016. In 2015, Qatar real estate market witnessed a major setback due to fall in oil prices, decreasing sales of real estate property in Qatar. Qatar real estate market witnessed a decline in revenues from USD ~ billion in 2015 to USD ~ billion in 2016.

Qatar real estate sector is majorly dominated by sales market. In the years 2014 and 2015, sales market accounted for almost twice the value of rental market increasing the overall market value of Qatar Real Estate. High property prices and luxury lifestyle of Qataris majorly drive sales market. Sales of land for accommodation and property construction have majorly escalated the market growth. Increasing property prices, growing inbound tourism by ~ % and surge in infrastructure development for FIFA Cup 2022 have escalated the growth for Qatar Real Estate Market.

Qatar rental real estate market: It has been a very dynamic market, with market value increasing year-on-year at a good pace. Qatar rental real estate has escalated from USD ~ billion in 2011 to USD ~ billion in 2016. Increasing population of the immigrants, Qatar diversifying economy, increasing rental rates and high disposable income were the key drivers for increase in rental real estate market value. The rental real estate market incorporates residential, commercial, retail and hotel sectors. The commercial real estate is dominated by hydro-carbon and banking companies preferably accommodating in luxury office spaces. The increasing focus on trade and tourism and luxury lifestyle of the people in Qatar has boomed the retail and hospitality markets.

Qatar sales real estate market: Primary growth drivers are increasing property prices, demand of land for construction of new projects, interest rates and population are major drivers of sales in real estate market. In 2015, market grew to USD ~ billion from USD ~ billion in 2014 at a growth rate of ~% but market witnessed a decline of ~ % in 2016 to USD ~ billion owing to falling oil prices, rising credit rates and high property prices. Sales of vacant land dominated the sales real estate market by property type owing to high demand of land for infrastructure development and construction purpose. Doha, Al Wakra,  Al Rayyan contributed to more than 75% of the total sales value in Qatar sales real estate by region in 2016.

Doha Real Estate Rental Market

Doha is the capital city and the leading real estate market of Qatar. It is the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality hub of the country, and attracts large number of people. Moreover, the city of Doha is home to a large number of foreign corporations. Immense business and employment opportunities in the city have attracted large number of migrants from other countries. With the upcoming major events in Qatar, the aim of the government is to make Doha the main tourist attraction of the country which has led to increase in supply in all the sectors in the market. Over the years, the rental real estate has grown at CAGR of ~ % and the rental value has almost doubled in past six years. The overall rental market has inclined during the period 2011-2016 from USD ~ billion to USD ~ billion in 2016.

Doha is a business destination and corporates alone accounted for more than 60.0% of the total hotel room demand. Majority of luxury hotel supply has been in West Bay due to high concentration of corporates aiding people travelling for business purpose.

Competitive Landscape

Qatar real estate market competition is majorly among online portals and real estate companies. The online property market in Qatar has been dominated by a few real estate portals such as,,,, The sales proportion of real estate properties through online market has consistently grown, owing to rising internet penetration, growing demand, incline in personal disposable incomes, surging middle class youth population and opportunities by government infrastructure investments.

Major real estate players in Qatar real estate market are Barwa Real Estate Company, Ezdan Holdings, United Development Company, Mazaya Qatar, First Qatar and others. In 2015, Ezdan Holding dominated the market in terms of market value.

Future Outlook to Qatar Real Estate Market

The future prospects for Qatar real estate market have been projected to be robust during the upcoming years 2017-2021. The projections for the future suggested that the sales market for real estate is envisaged to showcase a tremendous performance, by growing at a CAGR of ~ % during the period 2016-2021 and the market is estimated to reach net worth of USD ~ billion in 2021. This growth in the market value would be the result of Qatar’s diversified economy, increasing tourism and FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar is under construction of some major projects such as Lusail city, Msheireb Downtown Doha and other townships which comprise of huge retail, commercial, residential and hospitality spaces. These townships are expected to be ready by 2020, catering to huge population of Qatar.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Introduction to Qatar Real Estate Market

Rent Flats in Qatar

Qatar real estate market size, 2014-2016

Commercial Office Market in Qatar

Qatar real estate market segmentation by region, type, ownership.

Trends in Real Estate Market in Qatar

Introduction to Qatar rental real estate market

Qatar Property Industry

Qatar Real Estate Sector Investment Analysis

Qatar rental real estate market size by value, 2011-2016

Rent Property in Qatar

Qatar rental real estate market segmentation by sectors

Qatar Real Estate News

Introduction to Qatar sales real estate market

Qatar sales real estate market size by value, 2014-2016

Doha Real Estate Market

Qatar sales real estate market segmentation by property type and regions

Doha real estate market

Real Estate inventory Qatar

Doha real estate market size by value, 2011-2016

Gross Leasable Area in Qatar

Qatar Real Estate Market 2017

Qatar online and broker market

Property Market Overview Qatar

Offices Real Estate Analysis Qatar


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