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New Delhi, 

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) was established in 1974 – when the world of electronics was a rarefied field. This company is a pioneer in Solar PV technologies in India. This public sector enterprise has been making profits and its order booking has crossed 1000 crore mark. Its CMD,B.N.Sarkar, talks about the new products of CEL and its future plans.

CEL has crossed land mark level of Rs 1,000 Cr order book. How have you achieved this? 

CEL is working across its business verticals including Solar Photovoltaic, Railway Safety & Signaling equipment, Strategic Electronics and integrated Security & Surveillance systems. CEL has an extremely health order book of approx. Rs. 1,000 crores which includes Rs. 830 Crores for Solar PV, 102 crores for Railway Safety & Signaling and over 68 crores for Strategic Electronics and Integrated Security & Surveillance. This order book could be built-up due to quality and timely execution capability of CEL. Also CEL is known to take to cake of its customers much better than the market norms. Currently CEL is doing supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Power Plants and Solar Water Pumping Systems in more than 10 states of India. CEL is executing an order of  over 75,000 solar street lights in various states, under Atal Jyoti Yojnaand hasalready installed Solar Power Plants more than 25 MW. CEL is known for its meticulous and timely execution of CSR projects and it is also a preferred Project Management Consultancy(PMC) partner for many Govt. organisation and handling more than 30 MW projects as PMC delivering projects from concept to commissioning. In the Railway Safety &Signaling Equipment area CEL has maintained its healthy market share inspite of strong competition from private sector.In the security & surveillance and defence business areas CEL has become known for its excellent execution capability completing its projects well in time.
CEL has recently developed a Solar Technology Park. How would the country benefit from it?

Solar energy has been in the talks for many years but till date these has been limited to government and industrial levels. The participation of the common man is negligible. Solar energy schemes would be successful only when the knowledge and participation of common man increases. Till date the people think that to harness solar energy special type of houses or open space is required. Through this STP we have tried to make understand that whether the house is urban or rural type, the roof, walls, windows, doors, shed etc. can generate solar energy. You can install solar cells & modules and generate electricity. You can either store the power in a battery or directly feed to the grid to earn money. We would train the people how to start harnessing solar energy.


Is the aim of STP(Solar Technology Park ) only to increase awareness? 

No, it is not like this. Here, whether school students come or engineering graduates, they will get full information and training. In this park we have used India’s first 2 inch solar cell manufactured in 1977 to 6 inch bi-facial solar cells and modules. We have also displayed foldable solar modules that we had made for the armed forces. There is a solar canopy made from flexible solar modules that generates 1 kW electricity. The railing of the roof also has solar modules that generate electricity. The roof on the verandah of building is made from solar modules that generate 13kW electricity. Apart from these there are solar water pumps. The aim is to show the people the techniques and their benefits.


CEL is working on solar powered laser fencing. How does this work? 

We had taken the laser fencing technique from DRDO a few months back through TOT (transfer of technology). Through these laser fencings the borders will be secured. The fencing would not be visible by naked eye but whenever any person or animal would cross it, there would be an alarm in the control room along with photograph of the person or animal. Not only this, the location of the intruder would be displayed and the defence personnel  would become active. This fencing can be easily installed in jungles, over rivers and mountains.


What other new products you are working on in the defence sector? 

We have recently got Ceramic Radom technique from DRDO through TOT. These are used in making nose of the missiles. Normal metals cannot withstand heat generated so ceramic material is used. Earlier these radom were imported and one radom would cost between Rs. 60 to 70 lacs. Our radom would be cheaper by 40-50%. This would save the country a lot of foreign exchange.


Is there any product for the disabled people? 

CEL has recently got TOT for DivyaNayan which is a technology through which the sight disabled can have printed matter read to them. This device detects printed matter on paper or any media and reads it. This device would held greatly help students and others too read books, newspapers, documents, almost anything.



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