Moscow – : All is not well in the Russian military amidst the ongoing war with Ukraine. There have been reports of differences between the Wagner Group and the Russian army several times but now the situation is going out of control. In fact, the Wagner Group has taken hostage a top commander of the Russian Army. Not only this, the Wagner Group has made a video of the commander of the Russian Army and shared it on social media as well. This has brought the tussle between the Russian Army and the Wagner Group to the fore.

A video has been posted on the social media account of Wagner Group Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. It is seen in this video that the commander of the 72nd Brigade of the Russian Army, Lieutenant Colonel Roman Venevitin, has been taken hostage by the Wagner Group. It is seen in the video that Venevitin, who was drunk, said that he ‘ordered his soldiers to fire on Wagner’s convoy’. Venevitin also said that ‘he does not like the Wagner Group’ and later apologised.

Let us tell you that the dispute between the Russian Army and the Wagner Group led by Yevgeny Prigozhin has increased for some time. Only last week, Prigozhin released some videos and made serious allegations against the army. Prigozhin said that his troops in Bakhmut were not getting enough supplies of weapons. Prigozhin recently claimed that his troops had recovered the explosives, which were planted by people from the Russian Defense Ministry. However, so far no statement has come from the Russian Defense Ministry on this.


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