Putin Endorses Biden said – Biden is better than Trump for American President


Moscow : The Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his views on the comparison between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the context of the American presidency . In a recent interview conducted by Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin, . When asked whom Russia considers better suited for the role of the American President, Putin responded, albeit hesitantly, with a clear preference for Biden. According to Putin, Biden possesses greater experience, making it easier to speculate about his potential actions as President due to his established political track record.

Putin’s endorsement of Biden over Trump underscores the significance of experience in leadership roles, particularly in the complex arena of international relations and diplomacy. Biden’s extensive political career, including his tenure as Vice President under the Obama administration, provides a wealth of experience and insights into navigating diplomatic challenges. This depth of experience is seen as a valuable asset, especially when addressing nuanced geopolitical issues involving Russia and other global powers.

Moreover, Putin’s acknowledgment of Biden’s alignment with “old-school” political ideologies suggests a preference for continuity in US-Russia relations. While acknowledging differences in political ideologies and approaches, Putin’s recognition of Biden’s familiarity with traditional political frameworks implies a readiness to engage with an administration that adheres to established diplomatic norms and protocols. This preference for continuity indicates a desire to maintain stable diplomatic channels between the two nations, despite underlying tensions and disagreements.

Putin’s preference for Biden also reflects a desire for predictability and stability in international relations. Biden’s long history in public office allows for a more predictable assessment of his policies and decision-making processes. In contrast, Trump’s approach, characterized by unpredictability and unconventional tactics, has introduced volatility and uncertainty into diplomatic relations, posing challenges for countries seeking stability and consistency in foreign affairs.


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