Monday, February 17th, 2020

‘Purple Rice Is Reborn’ : Introduces ‘Quick Bowl’ Concept

hotel management in delhiM.M.Khanna, INVC, Chandigarh, Nightlife and restaurant leader Peddlers today announced the re-launch of its innovative and much loved oriental fine dine concept restaurant – “Purple Rice”. Purple Rice in the past had developed an enviable reputation and a cult following for its delectable cuisine, unrivalled decor and exuberant vibe. The restaurant is now being re-launched in a completely brand new avatar as an oriental fast food restaurant on the lines of a “QSR – Quick Service Restaurant.” The restaurant has been re-launched keeping in mind the changing culture and preferences of the denizens of the city beautiful and vicinity. Considering the fast moving lives and the increasing focus on health, Purple Rice has also introduced a brand new ‘Quick Bowl’ concept which will be the highlight of the oriental café. “Quick Bowl” is a concept in which all orders are sorted through a menu available to the customer having many options of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients and sauces, to be decided as per the taste and preference of each individual customer, basis which a quick and healthy meal will be served on the table. The fresh concept behind Purple Rice is to serve people with fast, healthy and pocket-friendly oriental preparations. “My basic purpose to re-introduce Purple Rice is to reach not only to the classes but the masses as well. The foodies include all kind of people like the working class, corporate, family people and especially the student crowd, and we hope Purple Rice will be loved by all strata of the society,” says Vipul Dua, MD, Purple Rice & Peddlers. According to Vipul the more complicated the food, the client gets more confused so this time Purple Rice aims to be simple yet a hit amongst all. Speaking on the concept, Vipul says, “Purple Rice is a symbol for prosperity which can be proven by the richness of its delicacies. Purple Rice had won over all food lovers of the city and we wanted to extend the same to all sections of the society considering which, we have kept the prices extremely reasonable.” Not only this it gets more exciting to know the launch offer where one can order for main course delicacies and starters which will be complimented by either noodles or rice but this offer will last only for a month. With interiors more vibrant and young and on-the-go meals Purple Rice promises to be a favourite amongst all. “I want to educate people that oriental cuisine can be consumed any time in the day,” adds Vipul. The funky graphics on the wall are an icing on the cake. And then the ala carte menu offers things like pan fried noodles, dry chilli pepper fish, crispy butter garlic prawns, chicken tai-pai and many more mouth watering dishes. One portion can serve two people which will count on to Rs 250 per head. The space and design elements are extraordinary and will complement the House brand. With the signature ambience Purple Rice strives to capture the attention of each guest by combining amazing taste sensations, a tranquil vibe and creative design elements in order to deliver an unsurpassed dining experience.



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