Antakshari 2
Antakshari 2


Bravery, grit, and determination! That’s how we praise the protectors of the State. Not every hero wears a cape and police personnel are such heroes who risk their lives every day just for our safety. It’s time that we appreciate our policemen and that is what today’s episode of Antakshari 2 will reflect.

The show will have them as team members today where hosts Master Saleem and Misha Sarowal will give each and every one of them an ode and thank them for their selfless acts in keeping the country safe. The audience will witness exceptionally talented policemen who not only are adept at their jobs but also have mesmerizing voices that will captivate the viewers.

Don’t miss today’s episode where police personnel will be taking the musical game show to the next level. Hum to the tunes with your favorite Police Jodi today only on Antakshari 2 at 7 pm on Zee Punjabi.


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