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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Punjab NRI Commission has come to the aid of UK based NRI Charnjit Singh

NRI,Punjab NRI Commission,UK based NRI  Charnjit Singh,ICICI Prudential Life Insurance,State NRI commission, NRI Chanjit Singh ,NRI Commission,NRI Commission in india,NRI Commission india, NRI Commission delhi,NRI Commission Haryana,INVC, Punjab, The Punjab NRI Commission has come to the aid of a UK based NRI Mr. Charnjit Singh r/o Nurmahal (Jalandhar) by getting him back Rs. 9.40 lac which was invested in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance by a bank , employee after misguiding the NRI. The Commission played a significant role in striking compromise between the cocerned parties after getting the life insurance policy cancelled. Disclosing this here today, a spokesman of State NRI commission, NRI Chanjit Singh had opened an account in ICICI, Nurmahal and the bank employee Gaurav Kant Arora convinced him for fixed deposits at the rate of 14 percent. He gave two cheques of worth Rs. 7 lac each. Meanwhile, the said employee asked him to buy a life insurance policy but he didn’t show any interest. The bank employee misguided him by saying that being a good customer, he was being issued free insurance policy, but it was not so. The spokesman informed that when after few days he checked his account, a withdrawal of Rs. 10 lac was already made and the money was invested in a life insurance policy and stock exchange. When the NRI took up this matter with bank authorities, he was asked to deposit third cheque. The NRI brought this matter in the notice of NRI Commission. The Commission summoned both parties and they have reached at a compromise. The insurance policy was cancelled and NRI got Rs. 9.40 lac back.



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