The Punjab Government is all set to formulate a comprehensive policy to check the menace of stray animals which has caused flutters in the socio- economic fabric of the state in the recent past. Mr. Brahm Mohindra, Local Bodies Minister has directed all the ULBs in the state to furnish specific information pertaining to the stray animals in their respective area of jurisdiction.  This information would become the foundation of the concrete policy which would be formulated to tame the danger of stray animals.

Disclosing this in a press communiqué Mr. Brahm Mohindra, Local Bodies Minister said that the Punjab Government is too sensitive on the issue of stray animals which had been causing huge loss to the property and lives of the people of the state. He said that Punjab Government vide its orders issued on September 27 had constituted a Cabinet Sub Committee to study the issue of stray animals and this committee had been mandated to suggest remedial measures as to how to tame the danger posed by stray animals.  He said that the meeting of this Cabinet Sub Committee was likely to the convened in the next month.

Local Bodies Minister said that he had instructed the Principal Secretary Local Bodies to get the information from each Municipal Corporation, Municipal Committee, Nagar Panchayat on the various queries concerning data of stray animals in their areas of jurisdiction. He said that queries which had been put forward before the ULBs reads like; how many stray animals were within the limits of Municipal Corporation/Committee/ Nagar Panchayat ? How Many stray animals had been kept by Government or Private agencies in Gaushalas of Dog Pounds? How Many funds had been given to them and how the funds had been incurred by them? What is the capacity of Gaushalas and how many animals had been kept therein? Name of the concerned employees/ officers who had been deputed to take care of Gaushalas ? How many deaths and accidents had been noted till date due to stray animals in past 5 years? How much fund was pending/ due towards other departments in the head of Cow Cess? How much land was required to eliminate the menace of stray animals and what preventive steps had been taken by the Urban Local Bodies to eliminate stray animal menace?

Mr. Brahm Mohindra said that this was crucial information which once collected would become the foundation of any prospective policy framed by the Punjab Government to tackle the menace of stray animals.



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