Monday, March 30th, 2020

Public Telephones to All Villages by 2011: Says Sachin Pilot

INVC,, Hyderabad,, The government plans to connect villages and class rooms of the country with knowledge centers in a big way and has allocated sufficient funds for this purpose. The Union Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Shri Sachin Pilot told media in Hyderabad today that the government plans to provide all the village panchayats with broadband connectivity by 2012 and village public telephone facility to all the villages by 2011. He said that India has come a long way in the information technology sector and a mere 2 percent teledensity during 1995 has risen to over 50 percent by this year. Reiterating that 40 percent of 560 Million Mobile phone users in the country have no bank account of their own the minister said that the government intends to facilitate mobile banking to such people at their doorsteps. The minister underlined this as a big step forward towards financial inclusion. This would further help people to save incremental costs incurred on banking transactions which involve long distance travels. The minister further stated that introduction of 3-G and broadband wireless services will enable to harness untapped potentials which would provide ample opportunity for growth and employment. The government is committed to provide ICT services in all languages to remove the digital divide and empower people through ICTs to reap the fullest benefit of technological advancements. The minister added. Responding to a query, Shri Pilot said that the government is fully equipped to face any challenge arising from cyber technology. He said that the danger from cyber technology is not confined to India alone but this has become a global phenomenon of late. Shri Sachin Pilot who was one a day’s visit to Hyderabad in connection with the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) hoped that this conference would demonstrate the paramount position India attains in telecommunication sector especially in mobile phone area. He said that the Hyderabad Declaration would certainly prepare a road map for future development in this sector. [caption id="attachment_13772" align="alignnone" width="129" caption="Union Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Shri Sachin Pilot"]Union Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Shri Sachin Pilot[/caption]



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