Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Protection of Tribal Culture

INVC,, Delhi,, Various steps are being taken by the Government, both Centre and States, to preserve and promote languages, folk dances and art and culture of various tribal communities across the country including Gujarat. These include conducting training programmes for language development and publishing dictionaries, handbooks, school and literacy primers. Various State Governments have taken some steps to promote over 40 tribal languages in schools as a part of the national policy on education including Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. The Central Institute of Indian Languages also has ongoing programmes on data collection, description, documentation and material production in a number of these languages as part of the XI Five Year Plan activity. Many tribal dialects are being supported by Sahitya Akademi under the Ministry of Culture by way of giving Bhasha Sammans to the writers and scholars, who are working in those dialects. Department of Culture, through its seven Zonal Cultural Centres organises programmes for the preservation and promotion of tribal art and culture and also extends support to folk and traditional artists and artisans in different parts of the country, including Gujarat. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs runs a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, Research & Training- Grants-in-Aid to Tribal Research Institutes, under which funds are provided to the State Governments on 50:50 sharing basis between State and Centre for various activities performed by these institutes which include, conducting research on different aspects of tribal life including their languages and art and culture and also setting up of tribal museums for exhibiting tribal artifacts and promotion of tribal culture. Ministry of Tribal Affairs, in collaboration with TRIFED and Ministry of Culture organised a National Tribal Festival “Prakriti” during 2010 and integrated it with ‘Aadishilp’- a National Tribal Craft Expo – making this event a convergence of tribal art and culture. 11111111



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