Prosperity and peace depends upon trees : Dr. Raman Singh


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Union Minister of State for Forest and Environment  Mr.  Prakash Jawadekar  today appreciated the people’s participation in the State-wide Afforestation mission and Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh efforts. The Union Minister was speaking after participating in the ‘Harihar Chhattisgarh Afforestation Campaign-2015’ at the Botanical Gardens Naya Raipur. He said plans are afoot to plant two crore saplings in the entire State today and  five lakh in the capital. The target is to plant ten crore saplings during the entire mission.

Mr.  Jawadekar said he had seen many types of ‘andolan’ but this is the first time he is witness to afforestation  ‘andolan’. He said that trees are precious gifts of Nature to mankind. Trees are lifeline of human beings as they provide  oxygen. He added Prime Minister Mr.  Narendra Modi on World Environment Day gave a call to plant 125 crore saplings in the entire country. There are about two-and-half-crore citizens in Chhattisgarh but they have an ambitious plans to plant ten crore saplings.

He said that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the rest of the country also. The people should consider trees also as their property like they do so in case of houses, T.V.s , vehicles and protect them. The Union Government had set apart about Rs 98 thousand crore to make the entire country into a Greenland. He gave a clarion call of ‘Clean India-Green India’.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that Chhattisgarh is the first State in the country to implement ‘Harit-Bharat’ mission of Prime Minister Mr.  Narendra Modi.  As long as trees are there, there is prosperity and peace. If there is no greenery there is no human life.  ‘Harihar Chhattisgarh’ Mission is being carried out on a massive scale in the entire State.  The   Afforestation  Programme  was started on the auspicious day of ‘Sravan Somvaar’ and the first plant is named after Bharat  Ratna former President  Dr. A. P. J. Abdul  Kalam . The children who are future citizens will remember Dr.Kalam forever.

Dr. Raman Singh said that  Mr. Modi had given a clarion call to plant 125 crore saplings. The citizens of Chhattisgarh alone will plant ten crore saplings in the near future. Dr. Raman Singh while addressing thousands of students from various colleges said when they grow up and become doctors, engineers and collectors they can visit the Botanical Gardens and feel at peace when they see trees. He said mangoes , tamarind and Mahua saplings are being planted here at the Gardens. Our daughters savour Tamarind. They will feel happy when they will visit here in times to come. Mahua palnts have a special place in the hearts of Chhattisgarhis.  Mahua flowers and fragrance make human beings exhilarating.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that afforestation programme is being carried on 1200 acres of land in the Jungle Safari and Botanical Gardens. The Jungle Safari will be ready next year. Lions, Bears, Cheetah and other wild animals will be reared in the natural habitat. Trees are necessary for the preservation and protection of environment. Children will be excited and attracted towards   Jungle Safari. A man becomes immortal by planting trees. The plants should be nurtured for future generations.

He added it is not the responsibility of the State Government servants-employees to plant and protect trees.

Leader of Opposition in Assembly Mr. T.S. Singh  Deo appreciated the ‘Harihar Chhattisgarh’ Mission and said Greenery is necessary for the survival of human race. About one  lakh saplings were planted at the Botanical  Gardens.


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