Avoid these common mistakes with ancestors photos in your home


Ancestral Worship and Its Importance :  In many cultures around the world, honoring and remembering ancestors is a time-honored tradition. Ancestral worship involves various practices and rituals meant to pay respect to forebears. However, the placement of ancestors’ photos within the home, especially in the home temple, is a subject of significant debate in astrological and religious contexts. According to astrological beliefs, improper placement of these photos can lead to negative consequences. This article delves into the reasons why displaying ancestors’ photos in the home temple is considered inappropriate and provides guidance on the correct placement of these photos according to astrological and religious principles.

Why Photos of Ancestors Should Not Be Placed in the Home Temple

Astrological Beliefs and Their Implications

Astrology posits that the placement of objects within a home can influence the energy and overall harmony of the household. Photos of deceased ancestors, while a means of honoring their memory, are believed to carry an energy that can interfere with the sanctity of a home temple. Temples or shrines within a home are dedicated to deities and divine energies, which are considered pure and auspicious. Introducing the energy of the deceased into this sacred space is thought to create an imbalance, leading to various negative outcomes.

Potential Negative Outcomes

When photos of ancestors are placed in the home temple, it is believed that this can lead to:

  • Sorrow and Disappointment: The presence of ancestral energy in a sacred space may bring about feelings of sadness and despair. This is due to the belief that the energy associated with the deceased is different from the positive and uplifting energy of deities.
  • Obstacles and Hindrances: It is thought that the placement of ancestral photos in a temple can cause disruptions and obstacles in daily life, hindering personal and professional growth.
  • Spoiled Work: Projects and endeavors undertaken by members of the household may face inexplicable difficulties and failures.

Proper Placement of Ancestors’ Photos According to Astrology

South Direction – The Preferred Location

Astrological texts suggest that the south direction is the most appropriate location for displaying ancestors’ photos. This direction is associated with Yama, the god of death, who is believed to govern the realm of the deceased. By placing ancestral photos in the south, one aligns with this natural order and avoids negative impacts on the household’s energy.

Less Frequented Areas

It is recommended to place these photos in areas of the home that are less frequented by people. High-traffic areas can disrupt the subtle energies associated with ancestors, causing unrest. Therefore, a quiet, secluded spot is ideal.

Avoid the Temple and Worship Areas

Under no circumstances should photos of ancestors be placed in the temple or areas dedicated to worship. These spaces are reserved for deities and should remain free from any other energies that might disrupt their sanctity. According to religious scriptures, doing so invites sorrow and problems into one’s life.

Religious Texts and Their Guidance

Scriptural References

Various religious texts and scriptures provide guidelines on the appropriate placement of ancestral photos. These texts emphasize maintaining a clear distinction between spaces dedicated to the divine and those meant for honoring ancestors.

The South Direction as Prescribed by Scriptures

Religious scriptures reinforce the astrological recommendation of placing ancestors’ photos in the south direction. This practice is believed to ensure that the ancestral energies remain aligned with their natural domain, thereby not interfering with the daily lives and spiritual practices of the household members.

Consequences of Misplacing Ancestors’ Photos

Emotional and Psychological Impact

When ancestors’ photos are improperly placed, household members may experience unexplained sadness and a general sense of unease. This emotional impact can be profound, leading to chronic states of melancholy and depression.

Physical and Material Disruptions

The physical realm can also be affected by the misplacement of ancestral photos. Individuals may notice increased obstacles in their work, unexplained financial difficulties, and a general stagnation in progress. These issues arise from the disrupted energy flow within the home, which can impede both personal and professional advancements.

Steps to Correct Placement

Reevaluation of Current Placement

Household members should assess the current placement of ancestral photos and make necessary adjustments. If photos are found in the home temple or other inappropriate areas, they should be relocated to a more suitable spot, such as the south-facing wall in a less frequented part of the house.

Creating a Dedicated Ancestral Space

Consider creating a dedicated space for honoring ancestors that is separate from the main living areas and the temple. This space can be adorned with flowers, incense, and other offerings to maintain a respectful and positive environment.

Understanding the astrological and religious guidelines for placing ancestors’ photos is crucial for maintaining harmony and balance within the home. By adhering to these practices, one can ensure that the energy within the household remains positive and conducive to growth and well-being. The south direction, minimal human traffic areas, and clear separation from temple spaces are key factors in achieving this balance. As we honor our ancestors, it is equally important to do so in a way that supports our current life and spiritual practices.


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