The proof of the commission consumed by the AAP leaders from the liquor mafia also came to the fore in the sting operation.

BJP has once again targeted the AAP government over the excise policy in Delhi. There has been a loss of Rs. While tweeting, he even called the new excise policy ‘Aap ka sin’.

Shahzad Poonawalla, while targeting the AAP government, said that the new liquor policy was actually ‘it was a bad policy, it was a sinful policy not excise’. The proof of this has come to the fore through RTI. How the implementation of the new liquor policy has caused a loss of more than two thousand crores to the Delhi government and the revenue of Delhi.

Alleged that the evidence of commission eaten by AAP leaders from liquor mafia has also come out from the sting operation. That is why those who have been found involved in this case are not getting relief from the court.

It has also been said that under the new policy, the Delhi government earned 5036 crores from November 17, 21 to August 31, 22, i.e. Rs 17.5 crores per day, while from the old excise policy in September 2022 earned 768 crores i.e. Rs 25.6 crores per day. In this context, the revenue loss per day was Rs.8 crore per day. PLC/GT


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