Producer Rupesh Paul creates sensation in Cannes and issued an unconditional apology for MH 370


INVC,Cannes,  movie‘The Vanishing Act, director Rupesh Paul ,red carpet at Cannes, Kamasutra 3D ,film Savita BarbieINVC,

After the storm created by the trailer of his movie, ‘The Vanishing Act’, director Rupesh Paul was caught in yet another storm, this time by the paparazzi chasing him on the red carpet at Cannes. The maker of the mega project Kamasutra 3D that had three special screenings at the Cannes, Rupesh Paul kept the shutter bugs busy.

Earlier in the week, one of his international projects, ‘The Vanishing Act’ was pitched at the Cannes Film Festival. Based on the events surrounding the unfortunate Malaysian Plane MH- 370 that went missing over the waters of the Indian Ocean ‘The Vanishing Act’ was announced at the Cannes Film Festival through a 90 second trailer. The teaser released on YouTube garnered more than 300, 000 views in three days but created controversy for the love-triangle portrayed between the crew.

The media pounced on the director and slammed him for the kissing scene shown between the airhostess and a male steward. Rupesh Paul, meanwhileINVC,Cannes,  movie‘The Vanishing Act, director Rupesh Paul ,red carpet at Cannes, Kamasutra 3D ,film Savita Barbie, issued an unconditional apology to the family members of the missing passengers of MH 370. He also clarified that the movie would never hurt sentiments based as it was on an investigative report by a Malaysian journalist which did not have a love-triangle between the crew.

After so an eventful week, the film maker walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film festival on a busy Friday night under a heavy paparazzi shower and the other film next “Savita Barbie” grabs eyeball at the Cannes and  got raving reviews.


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