Prime Minister Modi to Visit Russia in July

PM Narendra Modi with President Vladimir Putin
PM Narendra Modi with President Vladimir Putin

India and Russia are preparing for an anticipated visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Moscow next month, as reported by Reuters citing the Russian news agency RIA. This diplomatic journey marks a significant diplomatic engagement between the two nations amidst global geopolitical shifts.

Scheduled Diplomatic Visit Confirmed

According to RIA’s diplomatic sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to embark on a crucial visit to Russia in July. This visit comes following an invitation extended earlier this year, as announced by the Kremlin in March. The highlight of this trip will be a scheduled meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, reinforcing bilateral ties that span decades.

Leaders’ Recent Oaths

In May, Vladimir Putin was sworn in for his fifth consecutive term as President of Russia, underscoring his enduring leadership in global affairs. Meanwhile, on June 9, Prime Minister Modi took oath for the third consecutive time, reflecting India’s stable governance and continuity in leadership.

First Visit Since Ukraine Conflict

This visit by Prime Minister Modi holds particular significance as it marks his first official trip to Russia since 2019, coinciding with the onset of the Ukraine conflict. Despite the international tensions that ensued, India has maintained a nuanced stance, balancing its strategic interests with diplomatic prudence.

Historical Context of Bilateral Relations

The annual India-Russia summit, a cornerstone of bilateral relations, has been absent from the diplomatic calendar for the past two years. President Putin’s last visit to New Delhi in 2021 highlighted the enduring nature of these ties, rooted in shared interests spanning defense cooperation, energy, and cultural exchanges.

Dialogue Amidst Global Challenges

During their last interaction at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Prime Minister Modi and President Putin emphasized the importance of dialogue and diplomacy in resolving global conflicts. India, while expanding ties with Western powers, has refrained from publicly condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine, advocating instead for peaceful negotiations.

Strategic Energy Partnership

India’s approach to maintaining energy security has led to increased imports of Russian crude oil, despite initial pressures from the United States and other allies. This pragmatic policy underscores India’s commitment to fulfilling its growing energy demands while navigating complex international dynamics.

Roadmap for Future Engagement

The upcoming visit of Prime Minister Modi to Russia is expected to outline a roadmap for future engagements between the two nations. Key areas of discussion are likely to include defense collaboration, trade enhancement, and joint initiatives in science and technology.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s forthcoming visit to Russia signifies a pivotal moment in Indo-Russian relations, reaffirming both countries’ commitment to fostering a stable and cooperative partnership amidst global uncertainties. As geopolitical landscapes evolve, India’s diplomatic outreach underscores its role as a key player in global affairs, balancing strategic interests with principled diplomacy.


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