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Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Previous government increased power tariff

INVC NEWS Chandigarh, Mr Rajiv Jain, Media Advisor to the Haryana Chief Minister, has said that Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, former Chief Minister, had, during his ten-year tenure, not provided relief worth even one rupee to the electricity consumers. Having increased the power rate from five per cent to 16 per cent at different times, Mr Hooda is now fooling people by promising to cut down the existing rate to half. Due to incompetence, corruption and mismanagement of the previous state government, power utilities were left in a bad shape. The BJP Government took the burden of Rs 26,000 crore to improve the situation, Mr Jain said. Reacting to the statement made by Mr Hooda regarding reduction in power tariff, Mr. Jain said the previous government increased power tariff by 16 per cent in October, 2010, 13 per cent in April 2012, eight per cent in 2013, and five per cent in 2014. Machines worth billions of rupees got damaged as a sequel to the decision taken by the previous government to shut down the thermal plants on the excuse that electricity is surplus in the state. Since the employees working in these plants had to be paid salaries, the burden fell on the consumers who paid regular electricity bills. Instead of improving the condition of power utilities, power dues worth Rs 1,600 crore were waived off, which was a betrayal of the honest consumers. In order to ensure survival of their political career, electricity bills worth Rs 1,100 crore were waived in Rohtak alone which encouraged those stealing power, he added. Mr Jain said the present state government had brought 72 paise per unit Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA) down and power tariff had been reduced for household consumers, agriculture consumers and the MSME sector. Besides, 24-hour uninterrupted power supply has been ensured to household consumers in the rural areas in six districts. Instead of providing better services to people, the Congress leaders promoted the tradition of theft and now they are misleading them by making false promises, Mr Jain added.



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