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Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Prevention need of the hour to control rising heart disease burden, say doctors

Dr-Deepak-Katyal,-DM-CardioINVC NEWS Patiala,

To spread awareness about the need for prevention of heart diseases and the significance of screenings, specialists from Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala conducted a cardiology camp at the premises of DMW Hospital, Patiala, where more than 60 people across all age groups underwent state-of-the-art cardiac screening tests such as Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile & ECG. The screening clinic was led by Dr Deepak Katyal, Consultant–Cardiology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. It is a well acknowledged fact that India is the world capital of cardiovascular diseases, which has overtaken communicable diseases to become the leading cause of deaths among Indians. However, it is important to underline that most heart ailments can be prevented, or at least their impact can be controlled with regular preventive screenings, timely diagnosis, and appropriate medical intervention. The screening tests at the camp were followed by one-on-one consultations for patients identified to be at high-risk. Dr Deepak Katyal, Consultant–Cardiology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala says, “Multiple factors contribute to the risk of cardiac ailments in our city, starting from high blood pressure and cholesterol, to obesity, hypertension and stress. In the last few years, heart diseases have increased almost up to five times in our state, and the problem is worsening due to lack of exercise, stressful and sedentary lifestyles, and unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. The key to prevent cardiovascular diseases is understanding risk factors and managing them, and hence arises the need for screening tests. Unfortunately, many of us tend to neglect heart health until experiencing a critical episode such as heart attack or stroke. Prevention is crucial because in many cases even first-time heart attacks are fatal.” Cardiovascular disease is caused by disorder of the heart and blood vessels, and includes coronary heart disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, and heart failure. While genetic disposition remain the most common and uncontrollable risk factor, majority of cardiovascular disease is nowadays caused due to lifestyle factors and become more prevalent with ageing, suggests clinical evidence. It has been estimated that 17.5 million people die each year in India from cardiovascular diseases, amounting to 31% of all deaths worldwide. Untreated hypertension and diabetes can lead to serious and often fatal health complications. Unfortunately, in the absence of the practice of regular health screenings, a large number of obese people in the city continue to live with undiagnosed blood pressure and blood sugar related conditions till date, as various screening tests revealed during the health camp. The camp adopted a comprehensive approach on preventive cardiology using finest expertise, technology, and medical equipment (including ECG Machine, B.P. Apparatus, glucometer and strips). “For many of our patients in the recent past, we have witnessed that screening test results have served as wake-up calls. When they discover high blood pressure, cholesterol or abnormal sugar profile, they tend to become more conscious. In this screening clinic, we aimed to provide cardiac screening to people of all age groups at a minimal expense. It is imperative to keep a check on your health vitals every now and then, and hence, we at the medical fraternity are urging everyone to come forward for periodic screenings, and today’s camp was a small yet significant effort in that direction,” adds Dr Deepak Katyal, DM Cardiology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. One of the biggest contributors to the rising number of heart attacks in the country is the lack of commitment to a heart healthy lifestyle. Doctors at Columbia Asia Hospitals suggest you to undergo screening tests if you have symptoms like hypertension, breathlessness, and chest pain, or co-morbidities such as obesity and diabetes, as well as for anyone over the age of 40. Apart from the investigations and consultation, the patients were also dispensed valuable personal advice on the need for maintaining a healthy heart at today’s camp. Columbia Asia Hospital strongly believes that focusing on treatment is no longer the only option; equal emphasis needs to be put on preventive education, when it comes to heart health



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