Russian President Vladimir Putin may hand over the country’s command to the former chief of Russia’s intelligence agency KGB for a few days. Vladimir Putin has cancer and he will have to undergo immediate cancer surgery, for which he has taken this decision. Telegram channel SVR has made this claim quoting a top Krimlin official. Doctors have advised Putin for surgery.

The date of surgery has not been decided yet and talks are going on about it. There is no need for immediate surgery but it cannot be postponed. It is being said that this surgery was to be done only in the second week of April, which was postponed.

Meanwhile, it is being said that Putin can hand over full control of Russia and the entire responsibility of the war with Ukraine to the head of the Security Council and former KGB counter intelligence officer Nikolai Petrushev.

The 70-year-old intelligence officer Nikolai is considered the mastermind of the war strategy against Ukraine. PLC&GT


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