President Joe Biden is ready to uphold a global coalition built to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. He is going on a five-day visit to Europe in this regard, as the four-month-old Russo-Ukraine war shows no signs of ending, worsening the problems of the global food system and energy supply.

Biden will first attend a meeting of the Group of 7 major economic powers in Germany’s Bavarian Alps and later fly to Madrid for a summit with leaders of 30 NATO countries.

His visit comes as a global coalition to strengthen Ukraine and punish Russia for its aggression. This conflict has led to skyrocketing food and energy prices.

The Ukraine war entered a more critical phase since Biden’s visit to Europe in March, just weeks after Russia launched its first offensive. At that time he met with the Allies in Brussels, as Ukraine was regularly bombed. He tried to reassure Eastern European partners in Poland that they would not face Moscow incursions.

America’s allies differ on whether their goal is simply to restore peace or to force Russia to pay a deep price to prevent a repeat of the conflict.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said, “Every country speaks for itself, every country worries about what they are or are not willing to do. As far as the alliance is concerned, it has never really been as strong and viable as it is today.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is set to address both summits via video. The US and allies have sent billions of dollars in military aid to his country and imposed tough sanctions on Russia over the invasion. PLC/GT


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